Make Extra Cash this summer selling Books, Games, and DVDs with Ziffit & Get Your Bonus Code Here

June 26, 2015 Money Saving Tips Posted By lucky


Summer time can get expensive for families as their kids have so much time off and parents are looking to get away and entertain the kids, so why not make some extra cash by selling off your old CDs, Books, DVDs and Games. Every little helps.

Your children will also have grown out of some child books which will always sell to new parents with younger children. The older children may be bored of the games or DVDs and never tend to play or watch them anymore. So clear off the dust and get them sent over to an online marketplace where you can cash in on your old unwanted items. is the main online site where you can sell items for cash. Another one is called Music Magpie, however we preferred Ziffit simply for the ease of use. Selling Books has become a popular thing to do in the last couple of years, especially amongst families but is also suitable for anyone that may wish to make a little extra money from getting rid of stuff they no longer need or use. Sending your items to Ziffit is Free. You can read the full Ziffit review here.

Here are some popular items which sell quickly and also how much you could make back from the Ziffit website to give you an example of the trade in values:

World of Ice and Fire – Trade in Value £6.37
Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals – Current Trade in value £3.91

Grand Theft Auto V for Play Station 4 – Trade in for £20.92
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Xbox One – Trade in and get £14.59

Breaking Bad Box Set – Get £10.50 back
Harry Potter Complete Series – Cash in for £6.42

The above Prices may vary from what you actually get offered as it will be dependent on supply and demand. Our Customers are trading in on average about £67 worth of items. Using our voucher code can get them an extra 10% so will get an extra £6.70 on average.

So if you are looking at ways of cutting back or raising a little extra cash this summer, then consider selling your old items, but don’t forget to check out our site for any special promotions too! Head over to and test it out before you even do a trade. Check out what they offer you before committing to anything. You’ve got nothing to lose and something to gain!

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