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September 19, 2014 Reviews Posted By lucky


It is never been simpler to get cash for unwanted things in your house. A number of years back, it looked as though car boot sales and eBay were the sole alternatives, but it is much more suitable now. There are several websites where you just get your items valued online, send them in for free and get cash in your own bank account within days. One of the very best ones that I have tried out in the last couple of years, my favourite without doubt is Ziffit.

I am not certain just how I came across them, but a couple of months past, I needed to knock out a couple novels and I liked to see what my choices were. I have used both We Purchase Books and Zapper previously and they are both OK, but I believed it was just an issue of time before someone did it better – Ziffit wins hands down.

The Marketplace

I had like to believe I am a master at these kinds of sites. So you have got the ones that I mentioned before and additionally Music Magpie. All these are those you go to if you would like to sell your CDs, DVDs and games. We Buy Books and Zapper do novels also (which is more my sort of thing) so I frequently utilise these websites. I’d say I use them once monthly. All of them work in exactly the same manner – you input what you have got on their websites and the site will let you know if they’re worth anything. It may take some time to locate publications that others need, but it is worth digging.

Should you dispose of books frequently, you will soon get a sense of what sells and what doesn’t on these cash for books websites. When my only choices were We Buy Books and Zapper, I found that the latter paid less and the former simply needed novels that were of a higher worth in the first place. It would seem that non-fiction is more popular. Now that I’ve Ziffit as a third alternative, I find that they not only pay more than both of the other websites (on average) but also they are interested in a more comprehensive selection of texts too. That is only part of why I enjoy them so much though.

How it Works

Ziffit truly is a straightforward one. The same as the other websites, you get your novel (or CD, DVD or game) and input the barcode number to their website. Then they value it in minutes. You then keep going until you’ve GBP10 worth or more of publications, CDs, DVDs or (PS2, PS3, XBox 360, Wii) games. Then you print off a label to send it via Collect+, take it to your closest Collect+ (typically local newsagents). In a day or two, it’s going to arrive and they’ll let you know in case the publications are in the right state. Soon after, they will pay you directly into your own bank account. It is actually that easy. In case you have some problem along the way, they’re simple to get in contact via e-mail or on their onsite chat box.

A completely new attribute to Ziffit is they now have an iPhone and iPad scanner program (thanks to Brightec), therefore it means you do not have to write out the barcodes for everything. That makes matters significantly more suitable. Before, I’d need to copy and paste the barcode on three different sites to see which would pay the most. Now, I simply scan all of the publications through Ziffit and attempt the remainder afterwards.


Simply give it a go. Only see what the CDs, DVDs, books and games are worth in your home, in the event you do not believe you’ll want them anymore. I have used Ziffit at least three times this year and they have been the most efficient of all of the sites in this way. I also used a Ziffit discount code and got 10% extra when selling my books. I feel like I am giving them too much praise, however they deserve it! It is faster to value the publications. They pay more. They pay faster. What else do you need!!

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